Editing English text
Perhaps you already have a proficiency in written English, or a completed translation, but want to have it checked. Proof-reading for mistakes and editing for grammar, style and consistency are essential to communicating your message as well as your professionalism.

You want:

  • writing that leaves no one in doubt: solid content and no language mistakes to detract from your message
  • to publish in a readable and engaging manner, whether geared to your professional peers or a commercial market
  • someone who can think from your perspective
  • correct and consistent spelling of UK or US English
  • a native speaker with a sharp eye for details
  • marketing & sales brochures
  • press releases
  • professional correspondence
  • academic writing & research publication

Editing is charged at € 65 per hour. Based on a brief review of the text, you will receive an estimate of cost. Editing will include not only language issues (spelling, grammar) but also content editing (consistency, changes for clarity, questions raised, readability of your argument, etc). If you prefer basic editing/proof-reading, please let me know.

Contact: info -at- wordsontherun.nl