Copy that works
Do you want copy that is clear, persuasive and speaks to your target audience? You want a writer that dives into the content to come out understanding how to say it best.

Copywriting directly in English achieves a naturalness that is superior to any translation. Run with me in creating excellent English copy. You supply the relevant Dutch text and background information and I will write for your market in accessible English. Or we can meet to discuss content, in Dutch, and I carry out further research to write English copy that is effective in reaching your audience.
It is important to work with someone who knows how to construct text and build a story, in their native language. Someone who takes the time to understand your intended audience and figures out a way to talk to them. It’s about writing text that makes sense to your readers or listeners.

The ultimate goal is to evoke the same responses and emotions to your message as in the Dutch text, and this may simply require different kinds of words and references. This is also sometimes called transcreation.

Depending on the job copywriting costs 26-28 cents per word or € 98-115 per hour. An estimate will be given on the basis of the requirements.

All work is subject to stipulated terms and conditions.

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