Translating design, architecture and planning texts
Are you looking for a language professional who:

  • understands architecture and urban planning?
  • speaks the language of design and knows construction and area development processes?
  • can translate architectural content for a specific audience?
  • can edit/proof-read your design competition entry, your research or your redevelopment documents for appropriate language and content consistency?
  • has experience working with architects and within spatial planning frameworks?

Writing about and translating building projects requires an ability to visualise the goal as well as having an understanding of the technical aspects of planning and design. I provide translation and editing that has strong communicative power in English, because I understand the material.

  • company profiles
  • competitions
  • building & planning applications
  • development plans
  • conservation plans
  • feasibility studies
  • design committee presentations
  • tender packages & briefs
  • websites & correspondence
  • research publications
  • lectures

The rate for specialist texts in this field is between 20 and 22 euro cents per word.
Editing is charged at € 65 per hour. Based on a brief review of the text, I will make an estimate of hours. Editing will include not only language issues (spelling, grammar) but also content editing (consistency, changes for clarity, questions raised, readability of your argument, etc). If you prefer basic editing, please let me know.

All work is subject to stipulated terms and conditions.

Contact: info -at-